John Hagger
John HaggerFounder Tanner Bates Ltd and Leather School
Leatherwork was a mid life change for me. I trained as a saddler at 45 with no previous practical or creative experience. My grandfather was a leather guilder in Soho and leather always held a fascination for me. After 20 years working with leather I am still in awe of it as a raw material as it is endlessly versatile each hide being different to the next.
Teaching leatherwork is a great way for me to support others as well as discovering new ways and techniques for my own work.
Berian Neville-Webber
Berian Neville-WebberTutor
Berian is a passionate enthusiast who loves leatherwork.
He is a full time member of the Tanner Bates team
Alice Wood
Alice WoodTutor
I studied 3d design, specializing in jewellery and silversmithing, at Loughborough University for my degree and then spent many years working for a handmade shoe company making and designing leather shoes and accessories.
Years and 3 children later…I have started designing and making bags for myself. My workshop is in Totnes, where I design and make bags and accessories. At the moment I am also organising a jewellery work space so that I can combine the two materials.
My work tends to be inspired by simple lines, organic shapes and the quality of the materials. I like things to be practical and believe that “form follows function”, there is beauty in well made and designed items.
James Irwin
James IrwinTutor
Full time leather craftsman at Tanner Bates Ltd
Speciality: product design and manufacture of hero range of hand stitched bags and watch straps.

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