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At Leather School we have courses for a variety of levels, from our ‘In-a-Day’  belt, satchel, sheath and wallet making to our flagship Essential Skills course and beyond to Advanced Skills courses and Makers’ Days. Prices include materials, use of tools and tuition, unless otherwise indicated. We also run bespoke courses for groups, such as schools and colleges – please see the information below

Leather School course information

Below is an overview of the courses that we offer. If you want more specific details such as who the course is aimed at, or skills and materials covered, or images of the course, you can find these in the Events Calendar – select a course and date that you are interested in and the details will be provided. If you still have a question then please get in touch by going to the contact page

How to book Leather School courses

Once you have selected a course that you would like to go on you can book via the Calendar. Click on the Calendar Tab on the main menu and navigate to the date of the course that you would like to book and follow the instructions

Bespoke Courses

As well as the courses listed below, we can put together a package for a group booking. For example we recently ran two 2 hour sessions for a secondary school for their Enrichment Week, where students made wristbands and small bags. Other groups we cater for include birthdays and special occasions, as well as business and organisational team-building. As well as using our dedicated workshop facilities in Devon, we also offer mobile workshops where we can come to an appropriate venue. For further information please call us on 01803 866788 or send us a form via the contact page

Essential Skills Weekend £280 (including materials for Day 1)

Two full days of practical, workshop-based teaching

One weekend a month we open the Leather School studio to people wishing to learn how to work with leather and develop their own practice. We teach traditional techniques using hand tools and naturally tanned leather. The course includes a theory session and practical demonstration of how leather is made as part of the 2 days of practical workshop based teaching.

Dates now available to book: 15/16 September, 13/14 October, 17/18 November, 8/9 December  (To book a place select your preferred dates from the Calendar)

Essential Skills Weekends with an extra Makers’ Day + added on the Monday (see details on Makers’ Days below)

This provides an opportunity to extend the weekend course allowing you to create a more sophisticated project on the Sunday of the Essential Skills course, or to start practising your skills on a new project straight away

Dates now available to book:   Mon 17 Sept, Mon 15 Oct, Mon 19 Nov, Mon 10 Dec (To book a place or to find out more course details select your preferred dates from the Calendar)


‘In–a–Day’ Courses

One day courses making a Satchel, or a Knife/ Axe Sheath or a Wallet. You will learn all the skills and use of tools to make exquisite and functional artefacts using high quality leather. On completing the course you will have the knowledge, experience and confidence required to make more of the products and try out new designs.

In-a-day Satchel Course £150

Make your own leather satchel from gorgeous vegetable tanned leather, using a pattern for an old-school satchel that enables you to learn lots of techniques, including riveting and lacing, plus make something substantial size-wise that will be useful every day.

Dates now available to book: 27 October, 1 Dec (To book a place or to find out more course details select your preferred dates from the Calendar)

In-a-day Belt Making Course £100

A properly made leather belt is a practical and aesthetically pleasing artefact that will last for years and years. On the Belt Making course you will not only create a beautiful belt, but you will learn a range of key skills in leather making. Be careful who you show your belt to – you’ll likely be taking requests for more of your belt-making skills from friends and family!

Dates now available to book: 24 November (To book a place or to find out more course details select your preferred dates from the Calendar)

In-a-day Knife or Axe Head Sheath Course £100

Create a useful sheath from vegetable tanned leather, which you can be proud of.  You will learn to plan and make a bespoke pattern for your own knife or axe, then learn the skills to cut and stitch, ending up with a beautiful and practical leather piece.

Dates now available to book: Currently we have no Knife or Axe-Head Sheath course scheduled. Please contact us if you are interested in this course. We will be running a sheath course as part of Dartington’s Craft Revolution ‘make your own knife and sheath course’ in spring 2019.

In-a-day Leather Wallet Course £100

A leather wallet is something that you will probably use everyday, and you will be reminded of the patterning, cutting and stitching skills that you have put into making it on the course.

Dates now available to book: 29 Sept (To book a place or to find out more course details select your preferred dates from the Calendar)


Makers’ Days £30 (Morning) or £50 (Full Day)

Makers’ Days give experienced leather workers access to our fully equipped workshop and tools, as well as guidance and support from expert leather work tutors. They are mornings (10 – 1) or full days (10-1, 2- 4).

Experienced leather workers include graduates of our Essential Skills Course, along with leatherwork craftspeople and enthusiasts with a proven intermediate skill level. If you haven’t done one of our courses, please call or e-mail so that we can assess your level of skill before booking onto a Makers’ Day.

It would be useful to let us know in advance what you are going to be working on so that the tutor can be prepared for what you need.

Dates now available to book: Mon 17 Sept, Mon 15 Oct, Mon 19 Nov, Mon 10 Dec (To book a place or to find out more course details select your preferred dates from the Calendar)



Please note that we provide refreshments (tea, coffee and biscuits) for courses lasting a day or longer. We do not provide lunch, but there are several outlets for food within 5 minutes of Leather School. Participants can also use our kitchen facilities (kettle, micro-wave, fridge) and bring their own lunch to eat at the school.

Courses run with a minimum of 4 people and a maximum of 8 people. If there are not enough participants on a particular course it will be rescheduled. If you have booked a place on a course that has to be rescheduled you will be informed two weeks before the course date.

Please read our full Terms and Conditions before you book.

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