Could my 11 yr. old son make a pouch at Leather School?
We have found that 12 yrs. old and above don’t have a problem, younger than that may need parental help. This is only a guide. The best thing would be for you to bring him and stay around to support him if necessary. If he’s taking it in his stride you could disappear and come back at 4pm.

I like the satchel Masterclass but could I make it bigger or a different design?
We chose this design to make the satchel achievable in a day.
We supply the pattern which currently only comes in one size. We are always considering new designs and will, in time, offer a wider choice. For now, though, this is the only size.

Is there food nearby for lunch?
Yes, the Venus Café and Cranks are within walking distance of both our workshops.

Are there any good local B&Bs?
Please refer to our local accommodation document

If I start on a simple project and want to learn more about leatherwork do you have more in depth courses?
Yes we have a range of courses and all are suitable for the beginner.
To summarise:

  • 2hr Kit Class. The leather is already cut to shape and all the holes are made ready for you to assemble using the techniques (Leather School Basics) learned in the first half of the class.
  • 1 Day Masterclass (several options are available) The pattern is provided and you mark around it onto the leather, cut it out and make the holes for fastenings and fittings then assemble to complete.
  • Weekend Basic Skills Course. A packed weekend starting Friday evening. Tuition covers all the basics of traditional leatherwork. You will be shown pattern making technique to enable you to manifest in leather an idea that starts in your imagination.

Do you sell tools and leather?
Yes, we have a range available in our shop, as well as a box of free off-cuts of leather.

The Kit Class projects look pretty simple – do they really take 2 hours?
Our 2hr kit class includes preliminary tuition joining leather in 3 different ways: hand stitching, riveting and using snap fasteners. We call these Leather School Basics where you make yourself a leather wrist band using all 3 techniques. You then choose one of a selection of popular projects using 1 or 2 of these learned techniques to complete your piece.

I don’t think I could make one of the kits in 2 hours! It looks too hard!
The Kit Class is designed as an entry level course, allowing complete beginners to learn some skills as well as take home a lovely leather item. Anyone can do it with our expert tuition!

What is your cancellation policy?
Please refer to our terms and conditions

What do I need to bring?

  • Please bring glasses if you normally need them for detailed work or reading.
  • Please wear clothing that is not too loose or baggy.
  • There are local cafes for drinks and snacks or lunch.

What is the parking like?

Unit A4 Webbers Yard is situated on a small rural industrial estate with plenty of available free parking over the weekend outside the workshop and in the immediate vicinity.

How do I know where my course is being held?
All courses are held at Unit A4 Webbers Yard Dartington TQ9 6JY

How can I give feedback on my experience at Leather School?

You can give feedback on Tripadvisor, on our Facebook page /leatherschooluk, or via our contact form.

Do you do bespoke or free-design courses?
The weekend Basic Skills course allows you to create a project from scratch. We are open to discussing any kind of course/workshop/learning project. We do need a minimum of 4 students to run anything longer than 2 hours. Please contact us to dicsuss further.

Unsanswered questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us